Cheese factory Serrat Gros

Artisians · Josa de Cadí.

We make our cheeses, cottage cheese and yogurt with the milk of our goats. We are always present in the whole process: from the births of the kids at the time of the birth, to the milking, the pasturing, the preparation and the commercialization that we do daily.

The cheese is raw milk, sour curd, soft paste and flowery skin. Goats feed on forest and high mountain pastures. We follow the natural cycle of the herd and that’s why we only have produce from April to December.

In Josa de Cadí (Cal Jepet), we have the workshops and shops where you can taste and buy our products. The herd is in Josa de Cadi, and if you come in the morning you can see them.

Cal Jepet 25717 JOSA DE CADI (Alt Urgell) Hours: Weekends and holidays. You can call ahead. Tasting and direct sale.

SERRAT GROS – Ripe cheese.

LO PEBRAT D’OSSERA – Pyramidal cheese with pepper.

LO CADINELL – Soft cheese.

TUPÍ D’OSSERA – Traditional Pyrenees cheese.

XERRIS – Small cheeses ripened in oil.

LO BLANEJAT – Very creamy cheese.


LO TENRRE – Fresh cheese.

JOSENC – Yogurt.

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