A selection of 9 routes at
Valls del Pedraforca

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gallina pelada

Gallina Pelada by the stream of Llobeteres

One of the classic peaks of the area with spectacular views of the Cadí, Pedraforca and Montserrat. Ascent by Llobeteres and descent by Font Freda.

  • Duration 4-5h
  • Distance 12km
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Cingles de Vallcebre

For the cliff of Vallcebre

Circular route along the rocky walls where Vallcebere sits, you can enjoy the panoramic views of almost all the mountains of the Berguedà.

  • Duration 4-5h
  • Distance 10,3km
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ruta merellenga petita

Route of the small Mallerenga

Nature itinerary dedicated to the small mallerenga, a small bird that moves through forest habitats. Departure from the recreational area of Font Terrés, in Gósol.

  • Duration 1-2h
  • Distance 2,5km
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ruta plantes medicinals

Route of the medicinal plants

Route along one of the paths used by the Trementinaires of Tuixent, herbalists who came up with remedies to sell them everywhere.

  • Duration 1h
  • Distance 2,5km
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Empadrats and Adou del Bastareny

A circular route that will allow you to discover the most unique natural points of the Gisclareny area. One of the coolest areas on hot days.

  • Duration 4-5h
  • Distance 13,4km
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From Saldes to Gresolet along the Costa path

Route to admire the different perspectives of the Pedraforca (spectacular the North face) and the Gresolet beech forest (if you can, go there in the fall).

  • Duration 4-5h
  • Distance 12km
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pedraforca 360

Pedraforca 360, the circular route

It runs at the foot of the massif between lush forests along ancient historic roads such as the Camí dels Bons Homes.
  • Duration 5-6h
  • Distance 20km
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el molí de gósol

The Molí of Gósol and Torrensenta

Easy circular route to discover the surroundings of Gósol. Before or after you can take the climb up to the castle where there is a very good panorama or visit the Center Picasso.

  • Duration 2h
  • Distance 10,3km
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Information to climb the Pedrafoca

mapa ruta pedraforca

Classic route

Classic climb to the Pedraforca leaving from the Mirador de Gresolet passing the Refuge Estaen and overcoming the climb after the Coll del Verdet. Descent down the famous scree and then return to the Refuge and Mirador.


Go up with kids

The Pedraforca has no easy or difficult routes, but if the children are young or have no experience in the mountains, it is advisable to climb the Gósol slope, so you can save the climb and go calmer.

seguretat pedraforca


Pedraforca has the highest rescue rate in Catalonia. It is essential that we bring the appropriate material and it is advisable to take out insurance to cover the costs of a possible rescue.

meteo pedraforca


It is essential to consult the meteorology before beginning the ascent to Pedraforca. The weather in the massif changes rapidly and in less than half an hour we can move from a clear sky to a thunderstorm.



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